Our vision

Enable seamless data transactions between every organization in the world.

How it started

When David Boskovic and Eric Crane worked together as product managers they faced an all too familiar challenge - onboarding customer data. It was time to (yet again) build a custom data importer. The data onboarding process could be described as laborious, inefficient, tedious and generally headache-inducing.

Why try and build a solution if a best in class version was available? The problem was, there wasn’t. A lightbulb moment occurred! Enter Flatfile. Today Flatfile helps companies around the world migrate their data with ease.

David Boskovic
Amber Jones
Eric Crane
Randy Wiafe
Lauren Orlando
JP Chase
Dylan McCormick
Jill Dube
Stuart Lake
JK Sparks
Sam Currie
Danny Woods
Maire Chew
Daniel Price
David Bonilla
Saurabh Jaiswal
Brent Kulwicki
Elizabeth Bukys
Ruth DeBaise
Jessica Hudson
Nate Ferrero
Robert Eastman
Robbie Trencheny
Javier Matusevich
Shannon Burns
Roby Hyde
Andy Ravreby
Alex Hollenbeck
Mike Denenberg
Sheila Lahar
Mike Littrell

Removing barriers

We started this company because we believe that humans shouldn’t have to struggle to use the data that drives our work forwards. At Flatfile, we’re creating beautiful, human-centric experiences to remove the barriers between people and data. We’re automating every repetitive and painstaking process involved in teaching machines what data is and where it should go.

As a team, we follow a first principles approach to problem solving and employees are empowered to make decisions with total ownership over the areas in which they lead.

Every role at Flatfile has value and we value each role as a “million dollar” one. We’re a team of thoughtful designers, talented craftspeople, experienced engineers, and more! Most of all, we’re regular human beings. We wake up every day and work together tackling one of the final frontiers in technology - a job that’s equally challenging and fun.

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Our Values

Escape from Comfort

We treat adversity as a stepping stone rather than a setback. We don’t wait for permission to step up or stand out. We’re proactive about involving others in our work.

Serve Human Beings

We serve human beings who have thoughts, emotions, and dreams. And we help them accomplish those dreams. The world will be better, because of us.

Lead the Way

We serve human beings who have thoughts, emotions, and dreams. And we help them accomplish those dreams. The world will be better, because of us.

Our People

Our Investors

Flatfile is backed by top investors, including:

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