About Us

Our vision could be summed up no better than by the great poet, D.H. Lawrence:

For God’s sake, let us be humans.
Not monkeys minding machines.

Humans vs. machines

Whether you’re decreasing inefficiencies for postal workers, helping donors connect with the causes they care about, or building the next financial analysis tool - you can do little without data. The problem: getting that data, figuring out what it means, and molding it into something useful is not just a challenge, it’s a fight.

There’s a reason the term “data wrangling” exists. And if you already know what the acronyms MDM, ACID, UIMA, or ETL mean... we’re deeply sorry.

Flatfile Team

Removing barriers

We started this company because we believe that humans shouldn’t have to struggle to use the data that drives our work forwards. At Flatfile, we’re creating beautiful, human-centric experiences to remove the barriers between people and data. We’re automating every repetitive and painstaking process involved in teaching machines what data is and where it should go.

We’re a team of thoughtful designers, talented craftspeople, experienced engineers. Most of all, we’re regular human beings. We wake up every day and work together tackling one of the final frontiers in technology - a job that’s equally challenging and fun.

Our values

  • Serve human beings

    We put ourselves in other people’s shoes. We try to truly understand our teammates, customers, and users and the problems they face. We serve human beings who have thoughts, emotions, and dreams. And we help them accomplish those dreams. The world will be better, because of us.

  • Lead the way

    We demonstrate leadership in the world by thinking hard about what we do and how we do it. We share what we learn with our fellow humans by leading open source projects, writing about the challenges we face, and sharing our principles and ethics. And we lead each other, too, through the challenges of business and life.

  • Escape from comfort

    We treat adversity as a stepping stone rather than a setback. We don’t wait for permission to step up or stand out. We’re proactive about involving others in our work. We want their thoughts and feedback. And as a result, we get better, every day. We have to, if we want to build a truly great business.

Our team

Join us

We're a fully remote company, and our goal is to be the best remote job in the world. We take our remote culture seriously, and just because we all don’t work in the same place doesn’t mean that we should miss out on a thoughtful work environment.

Hardware. Sharpest tools in the shed.

We believe that every craftsperson deserves the best tools for the job and we make sure every employee has what they need to do their best work. We provide top of line hardware as appropriate to your role. This includes but is not limited to monitors, a laptop, an iPad, speakers, and headphones.

The home office makeover

If you choose to work from home, and have at least a 12 month lease from the date of hire, an interior designer will collaborate with you to design and renovate your work space combining our company culture with your unique personality and tastes.

Remote office stipend

We pay a stipend equivalent to the average cost of 150 sqft of real estate in your region to allow you to have a home office.

And dozens of other great things

Health care (multiple fully covered plan options), 4 weeks mandatory vacation, unlimited discretionary vacation, perks (card for Lyft + Starbucks + Netflix etc)

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